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The modern way of rekrooting!

If you are good at what you do and want to earn what you deserve, with a work life balance we are confident that rekroot is the answer!

Not everyone wants to be an employee shackled to an office base with fixed hours. All of us as experienced specialist recruiters know that the most successful recruitment doesn’t always happen between 9:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday anyway so why work those particular hours if you don’t need to?

We are a fun bunch of likeminded individuals, who work with the freedom that lets us excel and achieve with the incentive of keeping the majority of the fee that all your hard work went towards! We want you to work the way that is most productive for you, with the added bonus of earning double or triple what the office based recruiter earns.

If you have a background in recruitment and this sounds like an opportunity you would like to explore then please get in touch. We’d love to meet you for a coffee or have a chat on the phone and explain what we are about, the type of people we are and why we think this model is so successful.

We provide all the support you need to make this the best career move you have ever made. Not only job boards adverts, data bases, email, invoicing, phone, insurance, payroll, admin etc etc but the stuff that really helps like advice or having someone to talk through a strategy with. Email or call us to take the first step...

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