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What a Journey

What a journey!

Just 6 years ago Rekroot started as small-bespoke recruitment company aimed solely at accountants in practice. It seemed an interesting and niche market to explore, and so it proved to be with Rekroot becoming one of the most respected and followed recruitment companies in that sector.

Organically it grew but still in the same market covering England and Wales with a team of consultants, in its relaxed friendly way. Working from home and the hours that suited them the group of likeminded consultants helped make Rekroot the success it has become.  From its Midland origins it has grown offering a service second to none from all its various areas of work.

Rekroot saw the success of their model and within the last year made the decision to move into other sectors of recruitment, with both permanent and temporary, vacancies. This has been done with careful planning and being mindful to ensure the success to date of Rekroot continues. This is being achieved.

It was seen as a natural progression to recruit accountants in industry and the public sector, and Rekroot is now very active in this area. It has also divisions dealing with lawyers, estate agents, computer programmers, teachers indeed any sector requiring staff in any and all businesses in the UK and this has become its focus and target for growth.

This has moved on a pace with total national coverage in all sectors the aim to be completed in due time. Rekroot wants to have the right people working with it and will grow at a rate that fits in with this ethos.

Rekroot is clear not to lose sight of the happy working environment it has created, where all are encouraged to help each other when needed, and most importantly to see candidates as friends they want to aid in their quest for new challenges.

From the recruiters point of view keeping the majority of the fees they billed and coupled with the excellent work life balance certainly encourages their efforts! 

So if you have a background in recruitment and an ambitious outlook with a desire to earn what you deserve with having an excellent work life balance then we would love to hear form you! Please send us an email or call us and we would happily go into more detail.

There is no magic formula for success only diligence, hard work, and the right approach to recruitment.