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Home Versus Office

This is a debate that has raged for years; with the supporters of each convinced they are right.

The idea that getting up and going straight to work in your pyjamas has significant appeal.  Getting properly dressed first thing and having a stressful, irritating, repetitive and wasteful commute seems less attractive. It is undoubtedly true that commuting can, for no good reason, raise stress levels.

At home if you’ve a problem a cup of your own coffee drunk in the quiet of the garden to many seems an ideal way of resolving issues. The office alternative is a trip to the cooler or works kitchen for a drink and a break, but that can be spoiled by bumping into the most irritating work colleague, or your deadly rival. It is true, that after a period, working every day with some people does accentuate their bad habits and can make the office day less attractive!

Modern technology now means that there is practically no difference between home and office in what you do or how you do it. The office advantage being that if you have a computer malfunction you can phone IT and hopefully get a visit by Tuesday week!

Those who favour an office environment usually claim many work better with a disciplined approach that includes a firm working structure, and a more creative atmosphere to work in.  Included in this is that you have others you can bounce ideas off, however sometimes they are too busy with their own stuff, and it has been known for your new great idea to be stolen!

Other advantages are that when you start out in your career the office structure guides you how to behave to others and learn about relationships. You obviously learn about your job more quickly in an office. So at a junior level useful.

The idea that office working means you have a defined working period used to be true, but is less so now with flexitime, laptops and smart phones etc. Working from home recognises that work hours can sometimes need to be flexible indeed it’s often necessary to contact people out of regular hours.

Work life balance is often quoted as a compelling reason for working from home. Being able to pick the children up from school, watch them play sport, go to the gym etc. Because of mobile phones you’re never out of reach for an important call.

Surprisingly there are more accidents in offices, though not common you are more likely to sustain an injury in the office.

In general office working is more sedentary; at home you’re more likely to go for a regular break in the garden or even go to the gym!

There is, of course, another aspect of office working often over looked. That is cost.

Offices aren’t cheap, and usually you need to rent for 3 to 5 years at a time. This may be fine but what if you out grow the unit you have of it is too big? Without an office base it may be that there is an occasional requirement for a meeting room etc there are many who offer such facilities by the hour or the day, so businesses that run from home, can easily use these when required.

There is no definitive answer to the home V office question as which is more productive. It comes down to what works for you and or your company.